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Chuck Norris and the Martial Arts

During Chuck Norris' career (1964 to 1974) as a competitive martial artist, he won many of the most prestigious events including the triple crown after winning the All American Open Championships for a second time ('67, '68), and the North American Championships with a win over his close friend Skipper Mullins, another great during that era. On November 24, 1968, Norris won the World Professional Middleweight Karate Champion title and held that title until he retired, a six-time undefeated, in 1974. Norris retired with a karate record of 183–10–2.

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Chuck Norris originally trained in Tang Soo Do, a Korean style known primarily for its kicking techniques. Chuck Norris also trained in various other styles under some of the most respected instructors in the United States. These instructors included Shotokan Karate masters Tsutomu Ohshima and Hidetaka Nishiyama, Shito-Ryu Karate instructor Fumio Demura, American Kenpo Karate founder Ed Parker, Judo expert Gene LeBell, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legends the Machado family.

Name Rank Instructor
Judo 1st Dan Mr. Ahn
Tang Soo Do 10th Dan Chun Sik Kim, Jae Chul Shin
Tae Kwon Do 8th Dan Choi Hong Hi
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 1st Dan Machado family
Chun Kuk Do 10th Dan Chuck Norris (creator)

The word "Dan" is the same as "degree black belt". The dan ranks are different throughout the various martial arts. Some arts do not even have ranking systems. Most that do stop at 9th dan or 10th dan, and the only way to acquire a 10th dan is to be promoted by skill to 9th dan, and then found your own school in that art. This is provided that your particular art has a governing world federation.


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In relation to Instructor in Taekwon-Do highlighted in yellow. Master Norris was promoted by the founder of Taekwon-Do Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Thank you for the information! Updated.

I see that you have been ranked by Demura Sensei as a Ju Dan, if I recall correctly Demura Sensei is Ku Dan.

Chuck Norris also has a Black belt in Mauy Thai

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