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Hellbound (1994)

Hellbound (1994) - Original Poster Release Date: January 21, 1994 (in Theaters)
Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Aaron Norris
Writers: Ian Rabin (story), Anthony Ridio (story), Brent V. Friedman (story/screenplay), Galen Thompson (screenplay)
Producers: Dean Raphael Ferrandini, Anthony Ridio
Country: USA
Runtime: 95 minutes
MPAA Rating: R
Filming Locations: Jerusalem / Tel Aviv, Israel
Two Chicago police officers, Frank Shatter and Calvin Jackson, are investigating the brutal murder of a rabbi and are summoned to Israel for questioning. While they are in Israel they continue their investigation there on some leads they have. After a while they begin to understand that they are trying to catch a centuries-old supernatural entity, a malevolent creature determined to "cleanse" the world. If they don't do it fast something terrible will happen.


Chuck Norris
Frank Shatter
Calvin Levels
Calvin Jackson
Christopher Neame
Sheree J. Wilson
David Robb
King Richard
Cherie Franklin
Captain Hull
Jack Adalist
Erez Atar
Jack Messinger
Elki Jacobs
Niko Nitai
Shabtai Konorti
Farouk (as Shabtai Konorty)


  • A Chicago cop is about to face his worst nightmare... Only this time it's real...
  • Mess with this Chicago cop and there's hell to pay.

Also Known As:

  • El mensajero del infierno - Spain
  • Face à l'enfer - France
  • Hellbound - Út a pokolba - Hungary
  • Hellbound - all'inferno e ritorno - Italy
  • Hellbound - pirullinen ajojahti - Finland
  • Perigo Mortal - Brazil
  • Polícia Demolidor - Portugal
  • Ta desma tis kolasis - Greece
  • Zásah z pekla - Czech Republic

Chuck Norris thoughts:

It was an interesting movie, a little on the lighter side. [My adversary] was the devil — or his helper or whatever, a guy who had lived thousands of years. King Richard actually entombed him, then hundreds of years later some guys opened the tomb and let him run rampant. It was half humor and half sci-fi. I enjoyed the trip to Israel, where it was filmed. ... READ MORE


On the set of Hellbound - Chuck Norris and Aaron NorrisChuck Norris as Frank ShatterSheree J. Wilson as Leslie HawkinsCalvin Levels as Calvin JacksonChristopher Neame as Prof. Malcolm Lockley / The "Prosatanos"Chuck Norris, Calvin Levels, Sheree J. Wilson, Christopher NeameChuck Norris, Sheree J. WilsonChristopher Neame, Ori LevySheree J. Wilson as Leslie HawkinsChuck Norris, Calvin LevelsChristopher Neame as Prof. Malcolm Lockley / The "Prosatanos"Christopher Neame, Sheree J. WilsonChuck Norris, Calvin LevelsChristopher Neame vs. Chuck NorrisChristopher Neame vs. Chuck NorrisCalvin Levels, Chuck Norris, Sheree J. WilsonZoe Trilling as HookerCalvin Levels, Chuck Norris, Shabtai KonortiChristopher Neame as Prof. Malcolm Lockley / The "Prosatanos"Chuck Norris as Frank ShatterCalvin Levels, Chuck Norris, Shabtai KonortiChuck Norris, Erez Atar, Calvin LevelsCalvin Levels, Chuck NorrisChuck Norris as Frank ShatterChuck Norris as Frank ShatterChristopher Neame vs. Chuck NorrisCalvin Levels, Chuck Norris


Hellbound (1994) - Original PosterHellbound (1994) - Poster (Arabian Style)Hellbound (1994) - Poster (Italian Style) #1Hellbound (1994) - Poster (Italian Style) #2


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